North-East Steel Ltd – traditional machine workshop with present-day attitude!

North-East Steel is a customer-oriented metalworking services providing machine workshop, which specializes in mechanical design and manufacturing of the equipment based on customer requirements. We believe that the business success of machine workshop relies on long-term customer relationships and constant development of service concept. Subcontractor network management, training of the employees and project management of turnkey solutions are the issues of continuous development in our organization. Owing to above mentioned issues we serve our customers efficiently and competently.

Five machine workshop professionals who provide customers with competitive solutions in a present-day production environment constitute the know-how of our company. We use 3D modeling as essential part of design, production and customer communication processes.

Our customers are mines, infrastructure suppliers, sawmill, machine workshops and other industry as well as logging and transportation contractors.


Fast deliveries, high quality services and reliable business partner these are the fundamentals of customer service promise of North-East Steel. Our diverse experience helps us to solve the customer problems fast. We offer turnkey solutions, in which customer gets the product either delivered or assembled. We also provide design and/or production services of a part, a product or an equipment. We aim to optimize the delivery schedule to customer needs.

Our machine workshop serve both private and industry customers.

You are welcome to discuss co-operation opportunities with us!