Mechanical Design

We offer mechanical, machine and equipment design services. Machine and equipment design as well as product development are our designer’s areas of expertise. We design new product/equipment that improve production line performance and/or decrease the safety risk of the employees. We develop design of the existing machines and equipment by remodeling them and improving the structure and/or functionality.

In design solutions we take into account matters related to the production, transportation and assembly of the final product. We choose cost-efficient production processes and materials. Our final products are easy to transport and assemble.

All the design is made by 3D modeling and customers have an opportunity to make an influence on final result at every stage of a project. We use Vertex and Solid Works 3D design softwares.


North-East Steel produces according to drawings steel structures, parts and equipment as well as others machine workshop products. In production we combine effectively both in-house production and subcontracting. Cost-effectiveness of the production as well as optimal lead time influences on the selection of the production way. We process every order as separate project and control the quality at every stage of production. Initial production process planning is made during the business proposal preparation. We give our customers to preview 3D model of the product/equipment and only after customer’s confirmation the final product will be manufactured.

Turnkey Solutions

North-East Steel provides steel products and equipment from idea to implementation. We design the solutions in cooperation with our customers. In manufacturing of the solutions we use our own machine workshop production and also take an advantage of subcontractor network. The turnkey solutions may contain make-to-stock parts production, field maintenance, transportation and assembly services. Above mentioned activities shortens considerably the delivery time of a final product.

Machine Workshop Services

Our customers are usually in a hurry due to broken or getting broken parts or equipment. Based on our service promise we provide our customers with customized services that can guarantee priority delivery time. In-house production contains welding, machining, forming services and additionally mechanical, electrical, hydraulic assembly services for both private and industry customers. The most experienced metalworking experts of Eastern Lapland provide the services. Repair and welding jobs are carried out in warm and spacious machine workshop hall. Repairing of hydraulic components is also a part of our expertise.

We offer the metal sheets, plates, profiles, tubes and other metal products for sale. There is a large assortment of metal profiles in our stock. In case of special need the product will be delivered from the metal distributor’s stock. WELCOME TO SHOPPING!